School holds relaxation workshop for exam students
13th April 2016

Students preparing for exams were given a workshop in how to relax and turn stress into positive energy at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dover.


Twelve boys and 19 girls aged between 16 and 18 took part in the workshop, run by a former teacher and Head of Business Studies, Caroline Purvey.

Caroline is now a lead practitioner of the Total Release Experience (TRE), an exercise technique which enables people to release blocked energy from the psoas muscle, which sits deep in the core of the body and connects the upper body to the lower.

She launched TRE UK in 2011 after learning the technique in South Africa and has since reached out to many by running workshops, individual and skype sessions across the country.


All the students who took part are revising for GCSE, AS Level and A Level exams; as well as exam pressure many admitted they faced a variety of other potentially stressful issues, including illness, operations, loss of loved ones, relationship problems and financial pressures.


Mrs Allie Kehaya, Assistant Principal (Health and Welfare) said: “The students learnt about the impact of blocked energy and then experienced two practical sessions. Having learned the technique they have something to take with them when they leave school and face their next phase in life. They will be able to use this self-help practice to keep them more resilient and grounded.”


Caroline, who runs regular sessions for the public at the Eclipse Centre in Dover, said stress was a problem for young people nationwide, and applauded the school for thinking ‘out of the box’ and giving their students the opportunity to discover a natural, self-help, technique for coping with anxiety.


The Duke of York’s Royal Military School has a strong military ethos and is popular with parents serving in the Armed Forces. Since 2010, the school has attracted non-military families because of its traditional ethos and academic success.


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