Ugandan princess visits Rydal Penrhos to discuss ongoing charity work
13th April 2016

A Ugandan princess visited a Colwyn Bay school to speak more about their ongoing charity work in the country.

Princess Jacklet Atuhaire, who was visiting her family in London during April, took a trip to Rydal Penrhos with her sister and nephew on Saturday, April 10 and met with acting head Roger McDuff, in addition to three members of the missionary group that visited Africa last July.

Mrs Atuhaire, who grew up in Uganda but studied for her degree in Dundee University, is on the board of trustees of Shuuku Vocational Secondary School in Kabwohe, and in March was also elected as the Member of Parliament for the Sheema District, which includes the school.

In recognition of her political importance councillor John Davies, also attended the meeting to bring greetings on behalf of the Bay of Colwyn Town Council.

Rev’d Nick Sissons, chaplain and Uganda co-ordinator at Rydal Penrhos, said: “The meeting was significant for two reasons: it is the only time anyone from any of the charities and schools we are linked to in Uganda has actually been here in Colwyn Bay to see the school, so this was a fantastic first.

“Secondly, it gave us an excellent opportunity to discuss practical ways forward in developing the relationship between Shuuku and Rydal Penrhos.

“The next step will be for a partnership agreement to be drawn up that will set the relationship on a firmer footing and the Chaplain agreed to draft that document as soon as possible.

After the meeting the guests were given a tour of both Senior and Prep schools, which included the large Uganda display located near the library.

The next schedule charity mission to Uganda is set to take place in July next year, and Mrs Atuhaire extended an invitation to the group to visit their palatial home which belongs to one of the traditional royal families in Uganda.


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