Sexey’s listed in CentreForum’s top 20 list of highest performing schools, 2015
12th April 2016

4 April 2016: CentreForum released its first annual report into the state of English education today, looking at trends in educational outcomes in England. The report is released with the intention of informing the policy debate about English education, and to benchmark reliably our performance in England against the rest of the UK and the world.


The headline findings are that attainment is improving, but over 60% of secondary pupils are still failing to achieve a world-class benchmark; and that London remains the highest performing region at Key Stage 4 in terms of both attainment and progress.


At Sexey’s, a CofE, co-educational state boarding and day school in Bruton, Somerset, we’re delighted that we have been cited by CentreForum to be an exception to these statistics, and are listed as Number 11 in the top 20 highest performing schools for Key Stage 4 progress, 2015: (page 22)


Commenting on the findings, Sexey School’s Head Master, Irfan Latif, said: “Once again, I applaud our hard-working staff and students for achieving such outstanding results. To be recognised in CentreForum’s list of the top 20 highest performing schools in the UK for Key Stage 4 progress, 2015 is particularly heartening in light of the fact that Somerset is not a top performing county, according to the report. Our inclusion in the top 20 list is testament to the tireless work of our teachers and their dedicated engagement with our students to achieve their potential both in and out of the academic arena. Sexey's continues to provide an all-round education to its students and remains the leading school in the South West of England. The report findings are yet another reason why parents are choosing to send their children to Sexey’s to live and study.”