Luke Fuest wins Steyning Grammar School annual talent show
18th March 2016

On Friday 26th February, guitarist Luke Fuest won Steyning Grammar School ‘SGS Has Talent Show’ performing a fantastic instrumental version of ‘Thunderstruck’.  This is the 9th year of this annual school talent show, and as well as providing a spotlight to showcase an endless array of talent across the school, it is an important occasion to raise valuable funds to support Malawi and the schooling of eight Malawian children. 

The evening was ably hosted by Leo Ghorishi, a Year 10 student, who started the evening by introducing the opening song ‘Read my mind’ performed by Eva Payton-White and Maya Brasington.

The audience were treated to an exciting evening of entertainment with Isobel Rudd performing on the violin, Kenny Adebanjo performing a medley of piano songs, James Sparkes gave an amazing performance of ‘Danse de la Chèvre’ on the flute, Georgia Saunders performed ‘Rue des Cascades’ on the piano and Dom Diez created his own composition on the night with the aid of his guitar and a Loop pedal, impressing the audience by gradually building up layer upon layer of sound.

There was also a glitzy dance performance from duo Nathan Chesney and Akinmayowa Akinrimisi and a quality dance routine from Sienna Walker, a Year 7 student who danced her way into 3rd place in the show.

The school staff band ‘The Zimmers’ played during the evening and accompanied Siena Chipol and Sarah Shaw with their song choice ‘Halo’.

Competition was tough amongst the singers with Ben Waring’s performance of the Frank Sinatra classic ‘New York, New York’ taking him to equal 3rd place in the show.

A big impression was made by Dewi Kassim, Kezzi Blackmore and Muni Lane with their mashup performance of ‘Toxic’ and ‘Crazy in Love’, which took them to 2nd place.

Another highlight of the evening was a performance from last year’s winner Maisie Peters.

Mrs Katie Brownings, Show Organiser said: “We had a really varied programme this year with more dance performances than usual. It is always good to see boys dancing.  This year we raised another incredible £867 for Malawi. Thank you for helping us to continue to support the Malawian branch of our Steyning Family, this money will help us to provide the much needed ongoing support to this family.

“As usual I had a fantastic team of Sixth Form helpers; Madi Feary, Gina Foice, Millie Cross, Charlotte Pegler, Lucy Moon and Yasmin Lichioui who ran the whole show and big thanks go to this year’s staff judges Mr Joe Blatch, Ms Anna Morris & Mr John Huffman.”

The school have been raising money to help one family in Lilongwe, Malawi for some years. Steria is the Mum who has single handedly raised 7 young children; her daughter, her nieces and nephews and one girl who she took in when she was abandoned.

There is only one way to escape the cycle of poverty in Malawi and that is through education, which costs a fortune. Over the last ten years the money that has been raised has enabled all these children to remain in school almost continually.  Sarai, the eldest has completed university and has a good job working for a Portuguese road company. Kumvana and Chisomo are also in the middle of their university courses. Patsy and Tupo have successfully passed the entrance exam to secondary school and the three brothers, Philip, Joseph and Fabiano are all doing well in primary school. 

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