Abingdon School Staff hold their Nerve!
6th October 2015

Abingdon School's ‘Be the best you can be programme was launched at the end of September in spectacular fashion with the visit of Mike Mullen, former World Champion and 2014 UK Champion in BMX halfpipe. In his talk Mike encouraged the first and second year boys to realise that "the biggest challenges will teach you the best lessons" and that self-reflection and never giving up on yourself are crucial if your want to succeed. Staff found themselves more fully involved in things than they had expected - volunteering to be jumped over in an outdoor demonstration of Mike's BMX skills!

Adam Jenkins, who leads the Be the Best you can be programme, said, "Mike Mullen's talk got the programme off to a great start this year.  His message about persevering when things don't go to plan and how failing at something can sometimes be a good lesson was inspirational, particularly for the first year boys who are just starting out on their time at secondary school".

George Vinton, aged 12, "I was stunned watching Mike Mullen jump over the teachers with ease on his BMX bike. It was unbelievable."

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