Headmistress offers lifeline to desperate refugee families
8th September 2015

Hampshire boarding school offers free places to Syrian sibling refugees.

Hazel Kellett, Headmistress of Boundary Oak School near Fareham said that “if the UK is going accept 20,000 Syrian refugees then we are putting our hand up to help.”

“Like many other boarding schools, we are perfectly set up to not only be able to provide a great education, but also a safe haven, food and clothing, in a place where the Syrian children will be well cared for and supported emotionally.”

“Most will have had a devastating journey to get to us, many will have been orphaned and we will give them a place to call home.”

“The recent Government announcement will no doubt have an overwhelming impact on our UK social services too. As a private school, Boundary Oak feels compelled to offer our experience, facilities and pastoral care to help these children. It would be wrong for us not to.”

Our boarding school is a family community, and given the scale of the Syrian crisis, these vulnerable girls and boys need everyone’s support.