26th June 2015

Plunging Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear into the digital age, Bromsgrove School’s modern adaptation charts the downfall of proud media industry giant, Regina Lear. On the brink of retirement, she foolishly lets pride blind her and anger overcome her. She divides her empire between her conniving daughters, Goneril and Regan, and neglects the true love and loyalty of her youngest daughter, Cordelia, banishing her from sight. Meanwhile, an illegitimate scheming son, Edmund, will stop at nothing to undermine his brother, Edgar, and prevent his father from seeing the truth, at any cost. Lust for power and bitterness breed corruption and cruelty; Lear Inc. follows the destruction and madness to the play’s tragic conclusion.

With a female Lear, and no Fool, there are immediate shocks to be experienced for Bard-lovers; this production explores the maternal bond and the psychological damage caused when daughters push mothers to their limit. With powerful moments of physical theatre, Lear Inc. looks to bring the stale medieval dynasty into the twenty-first century. The adaptation delves into the power of the media, and the lengths individuals will go to succeed in business, leaving marriages, relationships – even lives – in their wake.



Lear Inc. marks Bromsgrove School’s debut production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Directed and adapted by teachers Tracey James and Lucy McKee, choreography was explored and devised through workshops with pupils to create this bold reimagining of King Lear. With a cast of ten sixth form students, including international students from Hong Kong and Russia, Bromsgrove School are keen to show that Shakespeare can be modern and engrossing (and not just for the English.)


LEAR Inc. Date: 17th August 2015 to 22nd August 2015, 2.10pm. (Duration 1hr25)

Venue: theSpace @ Venue 45 63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DH

For Press enquiries please contact producer Lucy McKee  on 07764575357 or or

Outside of Festival dates please leave a message or contact Sara Bussey Bromsgrove School  Marketing Manager on 01527 579679 ext 265


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