Public Speaking Excellence
24th June 2015

Following Oswestry School’s record Lamda (music and drama) results this term, the school has just received news of the outstanding English Speaking Board (ESB) results pupils have achieved. 95% of the pupils obtained a Distinction or Merit Plus (the equivalent of an A*/A), and five individual pupils were awarded an 'Example of Excellence', which means they have exceeded the criteria for a Distinction, and is only awarded to a very small percentage of candidates nationally.

These pupils have received a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement, and at the end of the academic year, eight candidates nationally will be invited to present their talk again at the annual Young Speaker of the Year 2015.

Their teacher, Mandy Price, said “It’s wonderful to be part of a school which puts such an emphasis on public speaking.  You see children’s confidence grow so much by developing these skills throughout their school career.”

Pictured left to right:  Sam Freeman, Jenny Cyffin-Jones, Kizzy Lumley-Edwards, Meredith Bryson, Connor Greenwood

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