Loretto's Charity Colour Run
28th May 2015

Loretto School pupils colourful run to raise funds for former pupil.


Whilst on holiday last summer, Loretto’s former Head of School, Angus Oatts, had a terrible bike accident and sustained serious head injuries. Funds are needed for Angus’ long-term recovery and not being ones to sit back, Loretto pupils organised ‘Colour Run’ and raised hundreds of pounds to assist Angus’ road to recovery.


The Color Run, which is often described as the happiest run on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. Involving burst of colour and much hilarity, runners are doused from head to toe in different colours during the run.


Jonathan Hewat, Director of External Affairs at Loretto School said, “Whilst Angus’ progress has been remarkable, he continues to recover at home but plans to start at Newcastle University this autumn. All who have met Angus will have been touched and moved by his ready smile, determination, positive outlook and the remarkable progress that he has made since the accident. The Loretto pupils have rallied round and supported Angus – this colour run meant such a lot, raised a good deal of money and all had great fun in the process. The sun shone, laughter, hilarity and a rainbow of different colours filled the air.”


15 year old Kyle McGhie from Inveresk, bursting through a red mist during Loretto School’s charity Colour Run.

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