“Today, Year 7, you are going to build a Tractor… out of Cardboard”
20th May 2015

This year in Art, all Year 7 students at Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire, were given the task of recreating a life-sized replica of one of the school's tractors, out of cardboard.  Inspired by artist Chris Gilmour, who makes life-sized cardboard replicas of all sorts of everyday items, the students spent time drawing from, measuring and taking pictures of our old Massey Ferguson 230.  This was an incredibly ambitious project; and it all had to be completed to a deadline for the finished piece to feature in an exhibition!  Mr Dominic Berry, Head of Art and Design said, “From this project, the students have learned about working as a large team, that they can strive for an ambitious goal, that they can achieve what others perceive as impossible.  What better way to educate them!”