Triathlon Challenge
15th May 2015

Oswestry School Triathlon team, Haydn Cook, Josh Counter, Connie Garvey, Josh Garvey,  Henry Noad, and Rachel Roberts, have just taken part in SYtri (Shrewsbury Triathlon) 'Darwin's Challenge' Aquathlon 2015.  The event was a sell-out, with 72 competitors, both adults and children from the age of eight taking part, running and swimming distances depending on their age.  Each competitor had to complete their set number of lengths in the swimming pool, dash out of the pool to put on their trainers in the transition area and then run the allotted distance - with the whole challenge timed.

Given it is the first time they have ever entered this event, there were some fantastic performances from the team, who range in age from 9 to 14 years.  Oswestry School’s triathlon coach, Mr Alun Morris said "They should be proud of themselves.  They have trained really hard for this and it will stand them in good stead for the Oswestry School triathlon in June."


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