Entries invited for Loretto School’s 5th prestigious Piano Competition
21st January 2015

Entries are invited for the 5th annual James Waterhouse Piano Competition held at Loretto School. The renowned competition began in 2010 and continues to attract young performers from all over Scotland and beyond.

The date of the 2015 Competition is Saturday 28th February 2015.The competition is free to enter and candidates must be under 19 years of age and in full time school education in the UK on 28th February 2015.

New for 2015 is a Non-Competitive Masterclass for children up to Grade 5.

The first round for each class will be held simultaneously, in three locations during the day at Loretto School. Each candidate will compete on a Steinway model B grand piano.

The best three pianists from the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced classes will perform in the Piano Competition Finals Concert at 7:00 pm that evening in Loretto School Chapel.

There are four classes;

·         Junior Masterclass (up to Grade 5)

·         Foundation (Grade 5/6)

·         Intermediate (Grades 7/8)

·         Advanced (Grade 8+)

The finals prizes are as follows:

·         Foundation: £150 plus the Piano Competition Foundation trophy.

·         Intermediate £250 plus the James Waterhouse trophy and an all-expenses paid trip to perform at Steinway Hall in London.

·         Advanced: £400, the James Waterhouse Piano Competition Trophy and an all-expenses paid trip to perform at Steinway Hall in London.

Loretto is an all-Steinway School.  Steinway has a reputation for building the finest concert grand pianos in the world and are the number one supplier to concert halls worldwide.  All the pianos in the Junior and Senior Schools are brand new Steinways.  This includes three Concert Grand model B pianos in the Chapel, the Concert Hall and the main piano teaching room. There are two Steinway model V uprights for practice, as well as Boston or Essex grands and uprights, which are also manufactured by the Steinway group.

These superb pianos are part of Loretto’s strategy to continue to develop ‘a centre of excellence in the expressive arts’. Playing the piano is one of the most popular ways of fostering a lifelong love of music from an early age. The many boys and girls that currently learn now perform, are taught and even practice on a daily basis on the finest pianos in the world. With the help of Steinway our pianists now have the best start to their musical education any child could ever have.

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Loretto School

Set in a leafy campus just outside Edinburgh near East Lothian's coastline, Loretto provides an all‐round education for around 630 boys and girls – boarders and day pupils ‐ aged 3‐18. The School is made up of two parts: the Junior School ('The Nippers') for children aged 3‐12, and the Senior School for those aged 12‐18. 

Founded in 1827 as Scotland's original boarding school, Loretto is well known for its relaxed family atmosphere, traditional values and emphasis on the development of the whole person, mind, body and spirit. 

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