Junior National Trust Wardens
9th January 2015

Keswick School boarding students took part in a team building exercise as part of their ‘Sky Sports Living for Sports’ course recently.  Boarding students Ami, Nirjala and Jasmine wrote: ‘On Friday 4th December, boarding students from Years 7 – 9 had the good fortune to complete the second part of their Sky Sports course.  The first part of the course involved meeting famous Paralympic cyclist, Rik Wadden, who spoke to us a few weeks ago – during his visit we enjoyed taking part in team building activities and didn’t want him to leave.  On Friday we met Roy Henderson, a National Trust warden who told us about our challenge for the day, ‘Access for All’.  Spending the day as junior National Trust wardens we helped clear pathways in Cockshot Wood using snow shovels and brushes, working in a conveyer belt momentum to get the job done efficiently.  We were also told that if the job wasn’t done, the path would erode and would costs lots of money to re-do.  Halfway through our day, we were also lucky enough to visit Keswick’s Mountain Rescue Team base and learned about what happens during a rescue.  After lunch we were back to work on another path, desperate to get it finished in time.  The whole day would not have been as successful if we hadn’t worked together as a team and taken great pride in our work.  After we completed our work everyone went for a walk to Friars Crag and discussed funnily enough, poets, access and otters.  Thank you to the National Trust in Keswick.
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