30th May 2014

YOU’RE never too young to study Science at all-girls Kilgraston School.


Girls aged six to eight from Lower Prep had a hands-on science lesson this week in the Sacred Heart school’s brand-new £1m Science Centre.


The youngsters added bicarbonate of soda to vinegar and watched the reaction release carbon dioxide to blow up their balloons.


In the course of the lesson by Chemistry teacher Miss Anne Marie Losty, they also found out about gases and chemical reactions, how to conduct an experiment safely and the importance of safety goggles in the laboratory.


Miss Losty said: “Studying chemistry, physics, biology, technology, engineering and maths is at the heart of our curriculum. At Kilgraston, even our youngest girls can take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities in addition to their normal science lessons, which really can inspire them.”

And she added: "Women are under-represented in science so we endeavour to introduce our girls to the subject at an early age. All our girls are strongly encouraged to study at least one science at Intermediate level and sciences are popular choices here at Higher and Advanced Higher Level. My colleagues and I encourage our girls to pursue science, technology and engineering routes to University and then into related careers, and many of our former pupils have gone on to become doctors, engineers and physicists.”


The Science Centre will be officially opened next month by Professor Lesley Yellowlees, Vice Principal and Head of the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. She is also President of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Two pictures, to follow, show:


1          Cecilia Queisser and Pippa Morrison conducting their experiment.

2          Ellie Alexander sees the outcome of the experiment.


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