Abingdon School Linguist to represent UK in Beijing
27th May 2014

Abingdon School pupil, Oliver Sayeed, has been selected for the second year running to represent the UK at the International Linguistics Olympiad.

 The 12th International Linguistics Olympiad will take place in Beijing, from 21-25 July and the UK will be competing against countries from all over the world.

Oliver, who is aged 18 and lives in Abingdon, said, “It is an exciting prospect being in the UK team for the second year in a row, and having a go at some more tricky but fun puzzles. As an aspiring linguistics student, I would endorse this opportunity for a more scientific approach to language - something that, as there is currently no Linguistics A-level, is lacking from our schools. If you have an interest in language beyond the specifics of particular languages, then linguistics might be for you."

Only four students were selected to represent the UK from the 1076 that took part in the initial round.  Oliver and Anthony Bracey, also at Abingdon School and aged only 16, were amongst the 17 students who made it through to the final round of selection. 

Anthony, from Lambourne, who is in the fifth form at Abingdon said, "I was extremely surprised but elated to have got through to the second round; the linguistics problems were tough, although fun as well. It was great to meet so many other like-minded people with a passion for languages."

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