Keswick - Ski Trip
27th March 2014

During February half-term 42 pupils and 5 members of staff set off to Austria for the annual Keswick School Ski tour.  We arrived in Oberau after an epic 32 hour journey by coach and ferry and very high winds and rough seas.  A good night’s rest in the stylish ‘Angerhof’ hotel set us up for the day ahead which involved ski and boot fit and then a short journey to Niderau to meet our ski instructors who would be teaching us for the next 6 days.  We had 3 days in Niderau and 3 days in Auffach at the end of the week which is a higher resort with more lifts and large choice of ski runs available.  We had a great time in the lessons, laughing with each other and at times supporting each other. On Thursday morning we all entered a race, even the teachers!  Everyone had noticeably improved their skiing technique by the end of the week.  On an evening we enjoyed various activities such as bowling, swimming, quiz night and by far the best night was the award presentation evening which included medals and a podium like a mini Olympic celebration with our instructors.  We were all sad to leave but are looking forward to next year now.

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