#BSAheroes: Bromsgrove School is proud to be looking after the children of our key worker parents
9th April 2020

Bromsgrove School is proud to be looking after the children of our key worker parents over the Easter break and making their experience as fun as possible. Activities this week have included a nature walk, crafting and parachutes on a windy day.

As they arrived at School on Friday 3rd April, the children were very excited to see a mini golf course in situ. Pupils have been taking to the putting green and practising their golf swing. They even have a specially designed scorecard. The School’s boarders, staying at the School over Easter, will be able to take part on evenings and weekends. Thank you to Lynne Hadley and James Hodges who laid out the course.

Thank you to Baylis and Harding for the donation of handwash for use by Bromsgrove’s boarders and the children of key workers. Well done to the pupils for following the guidance on correct hand washing to protect others.

Our boarding household have devised a brilliant game for the pupils staying with us over Easter. They will split into three teams and earn points for daily exercise, challenges and goals set by themselves. This could range from sports to reading a book or even learning something new. Brown’s Bears, named after Miss Brown, took on a gardening challenge and planted potatoes to earn some points. Albutt’s Alligators have done the same and we look forward to hearing about what Duffy’s Ducks are getting up to next week.

Children from Winterfold School, Chaddesley Corbett have been continuing with their learning even though they are now on their Easter break. Dave Loughton, Maths teacher at at the School and family have enjoyed their morning of Maths Challenges. They learned how to read co-ordinates and used a map to guide them around the house and garden, solving maths problems along the way. Rebecca N decided to combine a Science and CDT lesson by getting her mum to draw around her body on some plain paper and voila, you have a life size drawing. Finish by labelling body parts with sticky notes and finish with colouring pencils! Another pupil took it upon herself to design and produce a new vegetable patch.

Dylan S from Winterfold has produced this amazing drawing to send off to the NHS Nightingale Hospital. Connor and Evelina from Bromsgrove Pre-Prep and Nursery have also been busy painting pictures for the Nightingale. Connor has written a poem on the back of each picture which reads:

"I am sending this message especially for you, in the hope that you’ll feel better and soon feel good as new!"

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