Keswick boarding students help improve school’s carbon footprint
17th October 2019

Isabella Anderson reports “The boarding house is a building filled to the brim with 52 students. With this amount of people it is to be expected that many rubbish and plastic products are used on a daily basis. As a community and a big family, we all know what we need to do to protect our environment by using the recycling bins and sorting out what goes in which bin.

Inside the boarding house, we have a general waste bin for food, a bin for empty cans and plastic bottles, and a cardboard and paper bin. These three bins are used to sort which product is supposed to go where. Additionally we do not use plastic cutlery or plates. We only use aluminium and metal cutlery along with ceramic and pottery plates and bowls. Outside the boarding house we have three massive bins for recycling that are emptied weekly. 

We are young and need to understand that this is how it is supposed to be, to teach those around us to do the same – who will teach their families and friends, the process is ongoing and will be difficult but as a boarding house community I am proud to say that we are doing what we can to save our planet. We have the power to change what happens in the future, recycling and doing these simple tasks is just the beginning."

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