Abingdon School boys learn code
10th December 2013

As part of the Computer Science Education Week, 9-15 December, Abingdon School is encouraging its pupils to learn an 'Hour of Code'.  Abingdon is supporting the campaign by giving boys as much access to computing resources as possible.


Speaking about the initiative, Vanessa Penrose, who is Head of the Maths Department at Abingdon said, “The increasing need to give students opportunities to develop their coding skills is being driven by two things - the growing demand for coding skills by employers and also, the increased interest of students. Educating our young people to give them the tools used in a world driven by technology is a vital part of how schools will need to be thinking if they are to truly reflect the world our students live in today, and will be working in tomorrow.”


Pictured is Alexander Taylor, aged 16, who said, “Learning to code is becoming increasingly important and will really help with job prospects, it puts you way ahead.”


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