Lairthwaite Boarding House “Apprentice” Challenge
27th November 2013

Boarding at Keswick School is never dull! It’s great to have so many trips, clubs and activities to get involved with and we all feel really welcomed by the local community. One activity that recently had us all buzzing was “The Apprentice Challenge” set by Mr Jackson, our Head teacher. The task was simple, come up with a brilliant money making scheme to raise funds for the Patan community in Nepal. One of our boarders (Hyatt O’Callaghan) had just spent 12 weeks over the summer in Nepal helping children and young people in this community. The thought of continuing to offer some help gave all the boarders a real incentive to raise lots of money.

Within our established prefect groups we were to think of ways to raise lots of money. Each group had been given £30 as start-up funding. We also had access to a market stall kindly donated by the Keswick Lions for two Saturday markets. Our ideas ranged from selling products from the fantastic “I Love Keswick Shop” to the selling of handmade Cumbrian Cookbooks. The ideas that the boarders thought of were truly fantastic and demonstrated fantastic great teamwork. Over the two weekends a grand total of £540 was raised (equivalent to 90’000 Nepalese rupees). An amount of money that will be truly appreciated and enough to look after two disabled children for a year. A truly fantastic effort by everyone and another reason why we love boarding at Keswick!

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