Keswick School Welcomes New Boarders
19th September 2019

So many new faces!  The boarding house has evolved in the one year since I started. 

We have 19 new boarders, all different nationalities, backgrounds and school years.  They are from; Portugal, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Thailand but live in many different countries due to where parents work.  It was amazing to start a fresh new year and to be able to show and help our new friends settle in to boarding routines.

Last Saturday, I really got to know my roommates over a slushy in the trampoline park at Carlisle where we had to bounce really high to reach targets high above us.  We sat together on the bus ride there and back and we talked the whole way.  The older new boarders are really lovely as well.  On Sunday we had to work together as a prefect group to win points.  We went round town looking for mice in shop windows and once found had to take a photo of the group with the mouse in the picture as evidence.  Once our prefect group has 100 points we will get a takeaway for tea.

Overall this year is going to be amazing, based on this week so far.

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