Project Takeoff
9th August 2019

Two inspirational Bromsgrove School pupils have been giving something back to children in China during their summer break.

Mulan Yang and Vivianne Zhang Wei have been teaching English to thirty pupils at Tingjiang Middle School in Fujian, on the southeast coast of China. Mulan and Vivianne have designed their own lesson plans, with the children experiencing something new each day, from being tourists for the day, asking directions, ordering food at a restaurant, to expressing their opinions in a debate.  Through reading, writing, speaking and group activities in a classroom environment, pupils are encouraged to realise their own potential, gain confidence and curiosity in their learning.

Mulan and Vivianne first started Project Takeoff in 2018, when they led a successful two week English course for pupils at Bei Guan Primary School, Yang Yuan County in Northern China. The Bromsgrovians introduce creative, innovative and fun ways to learn English to allow young people’s futures to really take off.

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