Greenpower F24 Race success for Year 9 at Anglesey Circuit
6th June 2019

A large number of aspiring engineers at Rydal Penrhos achieved considerable success at a high-profile annual competition.

Adam McGuigan, Alys Peake-Jones, Chay Bonnington, Gregor Perry, Henry Battersby, Jacob Cousins, James Copeland, John Williams and Noah Langford formed this year’s Greenpower race team at the school, and they have been working considerably hard modifying their vehicle throughout the academic year.

Their tremendous commitment to the project saw them turn in a series of outstanding results at the F24 Race, which was held at Anglesey Circuit on Tuesday, June 4.

They began with a practice run before managing to cross the line in first place in their first Kit Car Race of the day in impressive fashion.

This was followed by a series of high finishes in the remaining races during the day to secure a second place finish overall in their category.

The group worked exceptionally well with Head of Design Technology Phil Sutton and technician James Bonser, with improved air intakes, speed control, a telemetry for speed, motor temperature and power contributing significantly to their overall success at the event.

The car has also received a new paint job, and the group have received considerable support from Lower Sixth Form duo Arend Franssens and Jamie Lavery as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award volunteering.

Senior School Head Sally Ann Harding, said: “This is a magnificent achievement and one that I know each Year 9 pupil has worked immensely hard to secure.

“The Greenpower Race project is something that really captures the imagination annually and this year proved to be another incredibly successful few months for a very talented group.”

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