Year 8 take part in Bee Workshop with Soroptimist Society
22nd May 2019

A Lower School year group at Rydal Penrhos found out more about a specific species of wildlife at a special workshop.

The Year 8 contingent were visited by members of the Soroptimist Society on Tuesday, May 7, where they took part in a day of fun-filled activities highlighting the life of a Bee and their importance to the overall state of the environment.

Different representatives from the organisation held different talks with the group, which detailed everything from how honey is made, the habitat of a Bee and how it survives in the current climate.

There was also a taste-testing table featured varied and unusual flavours of honey for the pupils to sample.

This was followed by two separate activities, which involved a feature-length film regarding Bees and creating their very own wild flower garden that they were able to take home.

Senior School Head Sally Ann Harding, said: “This was a very worthwhile and enjoyable learning experience for our Year 8 group, who all got a tremendous amount out of the experience.

“They are a fantastic group who have all progressed considerably thanks to events like this throughout the academic year, which will stand them in enormously good stead throughout the remainder of their education.

“I would like to thank the Soroptimist Society for coming along and for delivery such a superb workshop.”

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