Bromsgrove School host SATIPS Art Exhibition
10th May 2019

Bromsgrove School is proud to have hosted the SATIPS National Prep Schools art exhibition this year.

Fifty one Prep Schools from around the country displayed a variety of two and three dimensional pieces of artwork of an excellent standard. Textiles teacher Amanda Elliott, curated the exhibit and said “the pupils who have been chosen to take part in this exhibition have worked very hard honing their skills, as well as showing off their innate creative flair. We are so grateful to the teachers and pupils who have submitted their work, to share and celebrate with us all”. 

On Saturday 27th April, the School hosted a private view, where the SATIPS organisers, as well as Heads of schools and Art teachers from around the country, were invited to see the amazing creations. Attendees were wowed by the high standards, where rich and diverse sets of work showed off the many skill bases taught to pupils.  Passionate teachers and pupils clearly worked very hard to achieve the visual results on show.

As part of the exhibition, the award winning urban decay and landscape artist, Mark Lippett held drawing workshops for visiting schools. 

On Sunday 28th April, the young exhibitors and their families were invited to their own private viewing. The children were offered the opportunity to take part in an animation workshop by Year 13 pupil Anya Butler, who presented her artistic talents and love of computer animation to the children, who were clearly thrilled to take part.

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