Angus to have incredible work showcased at major Art Exhibition
29th March 2019

A talented Preparatory School artist is set to have his work showcased at a leading exhibition.

Angus Holland, a Year 3 pupil at Rydal Penrhos, will have some of his incredible creations pride of place at the Artism UK Exhibition, which will run from April 13-28 during the Anglesey Open Studios.

The pupil has a condition called Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which affects his social, behavioural and communication skills, with Angus also fitting onto the spectrum as someone who has Asperger Syndrome.

He has found a “sense of calm” and a supreme gift within his artwork, and Angus spends a considerable amount of time on his drawings and painting with some truly wonderful results.

Angus is also using social media platform Instagram as a useful promotional tool for his work, with the account run by mother Rajeena now having more than 1,600 followers.

The parents of Angus have previously stated the support they have received from Rydal Penrhos “has been nothing short of amazing”, adding that “if he was in any other school, he would not have been identified as Autistic as he is so extrovert and vocal, but her expertise helped us to discover what Gus needed”.

Prep School Head Alison Hind, said: “Angus takes a great deal of pride in his art, and you only have to look at some of his creations to see what a wonderful talent he has.

“We are enormously proud to have him here at Rydal Penrhos, and it is fantastic to hear that his exceptional work will be part of such a high-profile exhibition.”

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