Pupils meets with Home Secretary Sajid Javid
22nd March 2019

Pupils studying the International Baccalaureate at Bromsgrove School met with Home Secretary and MP for Bromsgrove, Sajid Javid on 15th March as part of their Global Politics engagement activity.

The pupils were keen to discuss the rising levels of violent crime, to get a better understanding of the issues being faced and to learn about the Home Office’s strategy.

During their conversation with the Home Secretary, Mr Javid spoke to the pupils about the causes of the issue, including the increasing influence of drug gangs across the whole country and their violent methods of gaining influence and turf.  Improvement and enforcement of legislation, ensuring that there is an adequate amount of financial resources available and early intervention to prevent young people going down a dangerous path in life was discussed.

The Home Secretary expanded on his recent declaration to the press that knife crime must be “treated like a disease”, by explaining to the pupils how it the job of all government departments, as well as of society as a whole, to prioritize the issue at the highest level.

There was also a short discussion on Brexit, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation and interdependence.

One of the pupils said “It was a very interesting meeting which allowed us to gain a good understanding on the most prominent issues facing the UK today”.

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