Farlington is saying “No!” to single-use plastic
8th February 2019

In a bid to reduce single-use plastic, Farlington is no longer supplying water in plastic bottles for school trips. We are looking at other areas which could reduce landfill and plastic waste. We have therefore changed our disposable, lunch-takeaway boxes and cups to fully biodegradable options and we are also investigating other ways in which we could make Farlington more eco-friendly.

Farlington has also signed up to take part in the Big Battery Hunt. Each pupil has received a box to collect as many old batteries as they can to bring to School. The batteries will then be sent for recycling.

Farlington also has recycling schemes for crisp packets, milk bottle tops, toothpaste tubes, writing instruments and biscuits packets. These items are currently not recyclable, apart from through specialist schemes such as ours.

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