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8 Jul
Annual Conference for Matrons and Nurses 2019
08 Jul 2019 - 10 Jul 2019

Registration will take place from 11am on Monday 8 July and the event will close just before lunch on Wednesday 10 July.

Speakers include:

  • Johnny HuntSex Education Consultant from Going off the rails on Sex and relationships education
  • Holly Fischer on the practical management for self-harm at crisis point
  • Adele Devine, Special needs teacher, writer and author on ADHD: life on the spectrum
  • Natasha Devon, Body Image and Mental Health Campaigner talking about the three key skills to build high self-esteem and mental fitness
  • Elizabeth McNaught, medical doctor with lived experience of eating disorders talking about Building your pupil's mental health and wellbeing. The focus is looking at the risk factors, aetiology, signs/symptoms and recovery from mental health conditions - with her lived-experience of recovery in eating disorders as an exemplar
  • Laura Bates, English feminist writer talking all things sexism

Further topics include:

  • Social media: staying healthy and safe in real life
  • The future of cannabis based medicines 
  • Diabetes Management 





Mecure Holland House, Bristol, Holland House, Redcliffe Hill, Bristol, BS1 6SQ, United Kingdom