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16 May
Counselling for non-counsellors - advanced
16 May 2019 - 16 May 2019

Counselling for non-counsellors - advanced 

May 16, 2019


Why should you attend?

Mental health problems which begin in childhood and adolescence can have a range of negative impacts on individuals and families, which can continue into adult life unless properly treated. The majority of adult mental health problems begin in childhood, with 50 per cent of adult mental health problems (excluding dementia) starting before the age of 15, and 75 per cent starting before the age of 18. With the increasing time to get a CAHMS referral young people are forced to turn to teaching staff for help. The aim of this course is to help staff meet young people’s needs.

In this one-day course, delegates will refresh listening skills and then progress to the more concerning, deeper issues that trouble young people.  Death, divorce and young people’s reactions to these; self-harming behaviours; anger and school refusal will be discussed with proven ways of helping young people work through these. 

In addition, how to listen to disclosures of abuse will be covered, together with how to listen and help those with deep depression and yes, even suicidal thoughts.


Who should attend?  

All those interacting with young people will benefit, though all delegates should have completed the basic Counselling for non-counsellors seminar or equivalent. Specifically nurses, matrons, boarding house staff, teachers, year heads and pastoral care heads will all learn and benefit from this course.


Seminar programme:

10:00                  Registration and Tea/Coffee

10:30                  Welcome and introduction

10:35                  Session 1: Refresher on counselling skills

    It would be helpful to you if you can bring your notes from Counselling for non-counsellors. I will provide a pdf of the         powerpoint.

11:15                  Tea/Coffee                     

11:30                  Session 2: Severe depression and suicide ideation 

   While depression is still the most frequently diagnosed illness in the UK, the numbers of teens attempting or committing     suicide is beginning to drop. This session will focus on how to listen and be there for young people with low mood.

12:45                  Lunch

13:30                  Session 3: Safeguarding disclosures 

   The reported numbers of Safeguarding disclosures are increasing, yet teaching staff receive little training on how to listen to those making disclosures. 

14:35                  Tea/Coffee

14:30                  Session 4: Death, loss and divorce

   Young people will almost always react negatively to loss. How to listen, how to help them move on will be the focus of this  session.                                                                   

15:30                Close of Seminar


Speaker: Jackie Cox

Jackie has trained teachers, teaching professionals, students and their parents both in the UK and in France, Holland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Qatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia on issues of pastoral care.  Child Protection, Mental health, Self-harm, Eating Disorders, Stress and Young People in Crisis and other Pastoral Care in education issues for the past 25 years. In 2005, Jackie set up Jackie Cox Educational Training, where she is the sole trainer. ( Jackie has had articles published on Self Harm and Mental Health issues both in magazines and national newspapers. Jackie worked for Lighthouse Professional training and the Boarding Schools Association for their Professional Development Certificate and their Professional Practice Certificate.  Jackie works for The Girls Day School Trust and The Girls Schools Association.  Jackie has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in counselling.  She is a very experienced counsellor, teacher and counselling supervisor working in schools and on an independent basis.  Her casework, which covers more than 50 years, covers a wide variety of conditions concerning relationship, either with self or others. Jackie worked as a Samaritan for many years where she undertook prison visits.  Later she co-ordinated Harrow Victim Support Scheme and was the first counsellor to be trained specifically to deal with cases of rape.    Jackie worked at Harrow School for more than 18 years, teaching PSHE and acting as a counsellor to the boys.  In September 2007, she was appointed as the school counsellor for St Paul’s Girl’s school in Hammersmith. In 2010 she was appointed as school counsellor at St Helens Northwood.  You will find that Jackie is passionate about her work and loves working with young people and the adults who help them in to adulthood.


Cost: Member £210 / Non-member £260

Venue: Hotel London Kensington (managed by Melia), 61 Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4PE


Hotel London Kensington (Melia), Hotel London Kensington (managed by Melia), 61 Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4PE, United Kingdom