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10 May
Gender and identity, May 10, 2018
10 May 2018 10:30 - 10 May 2018 10:30

Gender and identity 


Date: May 10, 2018 


Why should you attend?

Educate & Celebrate surveys report that 44% of schools contact them initially because staff are not confident in dealing with or teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity. We’d like to address this by providing this specific training to help address the 48% of young trans people under 26 who attempt suicide (PACE) and the 83% of students who overhear discriminatory language every day in school (E&C), yet moreover to create a safe educational environment free from discrimination for all students and staff.

The workshop will explore how we engage all stakeholders in the process of institutional change to ensure our LGBT+ community is represented and visible. Elly will ally any fears and answer questions or concerns you may have regarding potential boundaries to LGBT+ inclusion along with demonstrating pedagogies, strategies and a plethora of practical resources which you can begin implementing the very next day.



The session is open to all members of school staff as it is relevant to all members of the school community, including SMT, teaching, pastoral, support and boarding staff.



·       How to develop and adhere to government and school policies

·       How to implement an LGBT+ inclusive curriculum

·       Research, data and successful strategies to create positive institutional change

·       Increasing visibility in the boarding school environment

·       Engaging the community and empowering young people


Speaker: Dr Elly Barnes MBE, CEO and Founder of Educate & Celebrate 

Dr Elly Barnes MBE is the CEO and Founder of Educate & Celebrate, an Ofsted and DfE recognised Best Practice Award Programme that transforms schools and organisations into LGBT+ friendly places. 

As a long serving teacher, Elly developed the Award programme from her own experiences of finding the most effective strategies to educate and change opinion. The approaches have been recognised by Ofsted as best practice for taking a whole-sch ool approach to tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and ingrained attitudes in our schools describing it as ‘visionary and innovative’. Elly is a regular writer, speaker and campaigner for social justice in education. 


Venue: Broadway House, Tothill Street, Westminster, SW1H 9NQ 


Cost: Member £200

          Non-member £250


Broadway House, Broadway House, Tothill Street, Westminster , SW1H 9NQ, United Kingdom