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Standards and Inspection


BSA schools are subject to a variety of different sets of Standards, depending on their geographical location.   The Standards contain arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children for whom accommodation is provided by boarding schools. They provide the minimum standards below which no school is expected to fall in securing outcomes for boarders.   National Minimum Standards

England: National Minimum Standards for Boarding

These Standards are applicable to almost all boarding schools in England, whether inspected by Ofsted or by the Independent Schools' Inspectorate

NMS England (Boarding)


England: National Minimum Standards for FE Colleges

These standards apply to Further Education Colleges which have boarders aged over 16

NMS England  F E

Draft Standards have been introduced for eventual use later in 2018:

Draft standards 2018


Scotland: National Minimum Standards for Boarding

A new set of Care Standards will be introduced in Scotland from April 2018

Care Standards Scotland

Standards from April 2018


Wales: National Minimum Standards for Boarding

NMS Wales


Isle of Man: National Minimum Standards for Boarding

The Standards in the Isle of Man


Overseas: BSA Overseas Accreditation Standards

Overseas schools will often not have a formal inspection process, so the BSA Overseas Accreditation Standards are designed for thoswe schools overseas who wish to have their boarding benchmarked against a common set of standards, and thus become accredited by BSA

BSA Accreditation of Overseas Members



Independent Schools in England which are members of an association (HMC, GSA, IAPS, SoH or ISA) will normally be inspected by the Independent Schools' Inspectorate, according to the following framework:

State boarding schools. and those boarding schools which are not members of an association (which does not include BSA), will generally be inspected by Ofsted, according to the Social Care Common Inspection Framework


Download the Self Assessment NMS Toolkit here

The toolkit accurately reflects the current NMS, but will be updated over Easter to reflect the latest ISI and Ofsted frameworks


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